Choose aluminium screwcaps and save the wines

Wine Developers


The Wine Developers value proposition is a global offer developed by Guala Closures Group for wine producers : the largest family of screwcaps, endless possibilities of decoration and customisation, a new range of liner with controlled OTR, a local service fully integrated in a global network and a sustainable approach.


For wine producers, creating a brand identity that is unique and unmistakeable is an essential

part of a winning marketing policy. Packaging is  also  an integral part of this strategy.


Guala Closures Group offers the widest range of high-performance closures for still and sparkling wines: from the traditional look screwcap, to the tamper evident version or the premium screwcap with a completely smooth surface.


The Wine Developers offer also includes a range of liners to meet the different needs for oxygen permeability, and guarantees the perfect development of all types of wine.


Guala Closures Group also feature the most advanced printing techniques such as silk screening, hot foiling,

off-setting, lithography as well as top and side embossing to produce closures with an infinite range of colors, sizes, shapes and materials to satisfy the most complex requirements.


In our California Design Studio we utilize the first ever built GCDS printing machine, designed by Guala Closures engineers. This state-of-the-art machine combines digital printing technology with other features such as plasma surface treatments, special base lacquers, dedicated UV curing system, automated quality inspection controls and top embossing.


Since 2011, Guala Closures Group has begun a long-term strategy of excellence and innovation, which has led to the definition of specific and measurable objectives that cover the three dimensions of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. Through the publication of the annual Sustainable Development Report, Guala Closures can inform all its  stakeholders about the results of its work, the projects developed, the programs of continuous improvement and goals for the future.



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